Saturday, December 20, 2008


today we've replacement class for the raya haji hlday..
so tred..bcos on saturday also have to go to college.=(
in macro class.i feel so sleepy!!!
alhamdulillah..madam release us we can go home! he3.

nothing special happened today..
finally! im able to replying all the comments in FS..but not imeem..hu3

DBSK CALENDAR 2009!!! all cute!!
hah..i wish i can get 1..but the price is SOOOOOO expensive!
i cant afford to buy it.mayb later..hu3..
'harapn tinggal impian' =.='
aigoo.wut can i do..hu3

i asked anis about my hp.n she told me the sparepart is hard to find n expensive.
another problem are coming..hu3
today all the things happened are about MONEY!!!
something funny happened today..
i download for atikah britney spears song - womanizer..
at the middle of the song it turn to another song westlife ft amr diab - my love!!! LOL
we laughed so hard!!!! ha3..
sorry tikah..ain x dgr lagu tue pas DL.trus tibai je msk dlm hp.hu3

Sunday, December 7, 2008


landslide happened at B.A 2day.
according to the news,it was happened at 4 am,yesterday.
when every people were in a deep sleep.
my mum told me dat nyte she cant sleep bcos she keeps heard ambulance siren.
AL -FATIHAH to those people who died bcos of landslide.........

today i buy a new shoes.^^
wee...~~~~ these day i keep buy a new shoes.=p
so,after dis i dont need to borro my bro selipar anymore!! yay!!! and no more SHOES wif BIG RIBBON!!! when going out.....:)

kayrun asked me again dis morning to go to MID.but sorry again kay run...=( kte da ad plan ngan fmily.
mayb next tyme k.^^
i also bought new EPOP MAG.( where DBSK version C pics was on the cover ..=p )
then i bought a notebook,place i can stick my DBSK pics.^^
and some encourage words for me....~~~~~
i made 2 icons..just nw i doscovered dat using ulead photoimpact,i also can resize it.! so slow....LOL
//this is it//

tired + sleepy.
need to go to sleep ryte nw.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i went through 'SOOMPI' as usual last week.
one of the discussion topic is best fren.
have u all found 1?? mayb 2??? or more???
for me..i donno.friends can easily to find.but the TRULY,LOYAL,FAITHFUL..
hard to find; mayb.

for me also,true friend the 1 dat u can share everything with 'her/him'.
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i miss my friends.although mayb the true friend is hard 2 find.but im happy wif friends dat i have now....^^

REUNION is compulsory ryte now!
i want to meet my friends... ayu,ama,gha,chua,kayrun,norlida,shazana,hana,olie,suaid...n others.

TO KAYRUN : sory cannot 'date' wif u this cuti 'raya haji'.mayb next tyme k.^^ lame x jmpe
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Semester 2....~~~

finally my sem 2 alredy started dis week..
huh.tired actuly.everyday after class i'll take a nap...ha3.
not a nap actuly...but 'tido mati'!!! LOL
the gap betwin all class is very BIG.!
sometimes i donno wut to do while waiting for erna n lulu from FA2 class.
im just waiting at loby.=(

sometimes so malas to go to class.=( feel like to cntinue the hliday.
2 weeks is not enuf actuly! hu3..

glad to see ms jaimah again!!! ^^ she teach us 'business math'.
when me n erna want to introduce ourself,we just smile to miss jaimah.he3.
feels like we dont need to introduce ourself again....

but the advanced english class just 8 students!! so ckit..hu3.
not so fun actuly..hu3.
just 3 gurls n 2 boys.

hope i'll be more 'rajin' n work hard dis 2nd sem.
need to maintain my CGPA.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


today me n my family went to JJ.
we're having our breakfast + lunch there.
i want to buy shoes for me to wear for the next class dis dec.
i found many nice shoes but don't have SIZE!!!
arghhh..!! i need to delay about having a new shoes for the mean tyme.=(
even i went to JJ 2day wearing 'selipar'...

finally i can eat chicken chop!! ^^
some1 treat me....@_@
no 1 else...~~~~ MY MUM!!! ^^
the chicken chop sauce is sweet.=(
but bcos im hungry i dont care if it sweet or not.
im not a 'cerewet' type about chosing food.

im sick 2day.i'm havin' a bad flu :(
im supposed to rest n sleep but mayb afted dis.^^
aghh.i cant stop sneezing...

i went to MPH.n i buy GALAXIE MAGAZINE.!!

for the 1st tyme ever in my lyfe.i want to buy epop magazine instead of galaxie,but i think i'll buy it by myself.since epop is CHINESE MAGAZINE.=p
my mum will asked me a thousand of question.! LOL

my dad told me dat at his workplace has a handphone and laptop offer.
pretty cheap bcos i also buy my phone last year from this offer too.
but this tyme there's no SAMSUNG phone. there's only NOKIA n SONY ERICSSON.n NO MOTOROLA.
he asked us who want to buy.i want!!! *greedy*
but my mum told me "akak,let abah change his 'old skol' phone,akak alredy bought a new phone last year" -ya,his phone is prety old- =p
my dad asked 4 my opinion what phone he need to buy.
he want a slide type,but i prefer him a flip type.( bcos i can switch phone wif him sometyme.=p i want to change my phone to flip 1 , 1 day.^^)
then i told him to buy this 1.

it's pretty cool.n the specification is quite good.
i hope he buy dis phone.=)
"ABAH,let's switch our phone sometimes" ^^ or,u can take mine,i take yours....~~~~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


im on hliday !!! yay!!!
too hepy but i want to hang out wif my fren.=(
but nobody want to go out wif me,i guess.=.='

gonna spend 2 weeks at home only.
even my mum asked me to alpha angle .but i refused!

i want to eat chicken chop so badly!
can someone treat me??? he3

dat's not goin' to happen ryte?? ha3.LOL

i want to edit my blogger BG,but something appeared n i donno hw 2 fix it.=(
so let it be as default = my BG.

2nyte going 2 watch ENCHANTED movie...!!!!!!!!
save my money to watch it at cinema.
thanks STAR MOVIE!!!

my 1st week of hliday alredy passed.
spend my tyme wif korean stuff,editing DBSK pics. ( the most) =p
n im so pissed off wif my adobe photoshop CD!!!! i can't DL it!!!
bcos of dat,i've to used 3 editing program!!! 1 from online editing program.

n the result is not so good as im using adobe photoshop.=(
here it is.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st timer.^^

almost to 12 am.
and im still awake....*tired eyes*
i've going through miss christina blog just nw.he3.
bcos of going to start new blog. ( made an entry )
bcos by writing is the only way i can express everything.! ^^ is so tiredla.=(
go n back frm college by bus as usual.
thanks GOD can easily get bus.
although need to stand up for about 1 hour.!
didn't have a chance to sit.
poor my feet.~~~ =(

and there's someone that made me feel annoyed.
but im kind of talam dua muke. im so happy.^^
although today is our last english class for this sem.
donno will meet miss christina n miss vicky again for the next sem.=(
we spend our class 2day by taking pics and do some revised.*a lil bit* he3.
wanna share some pics.


miss christina & me

center pic : miss christina n us.
right pic : miss vicky n us.

miss.'sejujurnya' u look cute..he3. in those pics.
me & hidayati a.k.a lulu thinks that u look chubby.he3.
don't mad ya miss.^^

went through SOOMPI as usual.
but there's NOTHING that i can do as usual.
hmm.HOTLINKING 1 micky pic.=)
as usual for my faveret collection in hp.! he3.

this is the pic.

credit to yoojeong @
tomoro NO acc class!!
but need to go early like usual.
there's some thing that i need to settle down.
sleepy alredy. *sigh*
blank mind same as CHOIKANG CHANGMIN.
i don't want to talking 'merepek' here in this sleepy cndition.
need to rest 4 mrning class tomoro.
hope tomoro will be more 'rajin'
to update blog.