Saturday, February 14, 2009

all about korea~~~

since aku da 'gler' ngan want to share something about it..:)
started to love korean drama + movie + song + group since tgk siwon in SPRING WALTZ..

my mum pn like dis drama...
& then minatla kt SUPER JUNIOR..( love eeteuk )

then move to FT ISLAND ( love jaejin )...but wonbin leave FT sad FT.I without him..:(
n they already got a new member..his smile is like lee seunggi..!!! ^^


n then DBSK!!!!! i spread DBSK love to my friends at 1st to lulu...& now i've friends to share everything about DBSK!! ^^ & then to erna..although die mcm x bape 'die hard fan' like me and lulu...XD

Dong Bang Shin Ki

start wif DBSK...i went to the gaathering of malaysian cassiopeia..meeting more cassies!!! ^^ n then dis 16 match there's a ELF gathering at korea plaza..i want to go..but have classes on dat day.=(
n starting form dat...i know a lot of new friends..especially aya & nadia ( yunjae lover )..=p
n i knoe mana unnie ( she's my cousin's friend..such a great coincidence!! ),sangwook unnie,joan oppa/unnie,sher,atiaf ( my honey )...n many more...!! ^^
& then i heard from my friend there's a koreatown at ampang...n korea plza near KLCC!!
i wanna gooo!!!!!

me and aya...make a promises to go korea in 5 years from now...!!! he3

my sister now like to listen to DBSK songs...!! my mum like to hear de 'wrong number' father n lil sister like to hear SUJU-H






n now im sharing GD wif gha..!!! TIDAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =p
the current drama dat i've been waiting for..going to be airing start dis monday & tuesday...:)
( the korean version of hana yori dango and meteor garden ) .ok.i've already watched some of the episode at u tube...*spoiler* it's better version i guess..( mayb bcos of the 'HOT' actors =p )
n currently i learning korean writing and language from soompi.
*still learning*

oppa-brother eonnie-sister ( female ) noona-sister ( male ) appa-dad omma- mum
annyong-hello jagiya-honey chingu-friend yaksuk-promise sarang-love
saranghae-i love u ............... n many more...hard to romanize the language.:(

& now currently like to watch music bank,star golden bell,2days & 1night...^^ ( watch dis show wif mama =p )


hary nie 14/2/2009.

da lame gak x update blog nie..hu3.
pilihan bahasa ary nie .....bahasa melayu!! ^^

paper mid sem.sume da dpt blk.alhamdulillah...result x d la TERUK sgt..=)

dis weekk...bnyk assignment & presentation......~~~
business math da ciap + english presentation...
tggl malaysian studies,advanced english & usrah...

next week lak kelas smpi ptg lak..hu3

td lak de kelas saturday pn d kls gnt gak..

da r x d kdit skang nie.x dpt nk 'keep in touch' ngan kwn2.

nw ngah searching for the BOYCOTT POSTER OF USA & ISRAEL PRODUCTS.
soompi lak under maintanence..igtkan nk cntnue blaja korean language.:)
nk tgk BOYS B4 u tube lembab plak mlm nie...hu3

isi tok assignment malaysian studies da crik ckit da..agak susahla nk mncarik tjuk tue..hu3

ari sab2 lepas 7/2..ade konsert aman palestin kt gak..'beramal sambil menderma'
ad persembahan nazrey ( raihan ), algebra,ezad ( exist ),variant or variance..& many more.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

no title i guess~~

it's been a while...
i didnt update my blog...!!
actuly there's a lot i want to say..
but...cant get to on9 everyday...n 24\7..hu3
finally..mid sem exam OVER!!
but im scared 4 the result.=(
especially 'malaysian studies' !!!! agghhh!! i hate reading actuly.prefer calculating than reading...=p

i spent my whole 1 week hliday at home.
sometimes have to take care of my lil sis..she's alredy grown up!!
n i learn korean writing and languages.!
it's hard to learn korean...malay is much more easier i think...^^
i can read korean.but cannot understand the meaning of the words.=(

last n aya went to times square.^^
we watched INKHEART.^^
dis story is GOOD..n there's some humor sense in the movie...^^

n then we went to MYSTAR.
OMG..the goods there makes me 'rambang mata'!!!!!!!!!!!
aya spent almost RM100 to but the stuff there...
i jst wtched wut she buy,bcos i had no money..=( IM BROKE!!!!!
there's 1 micky oppa keychain dat makes me eager to buy it!!!
i'll save my money!! n go there again 1 day!! hahahahhahahahaahha....