Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 MAC 2009

the most memorable day in our family.

Alyaa Atifah Bt. Aziz.
my 1st sister.passed away bcos of kidney failure.
the impact of her lost , i can still feel it.

i miss her so much.
moga-moga ALLAH tempatkan die d-kalangan org2 yg beriman.n berkatin rohnya.ampunkan dosa2nya, YA ALLAH.
sesungguhnya i want her to know that i always love n missed her.although she's not with us ryte now.

sometimes i feel regret bcos cant do anything more with her.but i cant feel dat.bcos dat's qada' n qadar yg dttpkan oleh ALLAH..aku sbgai hamba-NYA kene menerima..


yaya.i'll always love n miss u....
-ur sister-