Tuesday, November 25, 2008


today me n my family went to JJ.
we're having our breakfast + lunch there.
i want to buy shoes for me to wear for the next class dis dec.
i found many nice shoes but don't have SIZE!!!
arghhh..!! i need to delay about having a new shoes for the mean tyme.=(
even i went to JJ 2day wearing 'selipar'...

finally i can eat chicken chop!! ^^
some1 treat me....@_@
no 1 else...~~~~ MY MUM!!! ^^
the chicken chop sauce is sweet.=(
but bcos im hungry i dont care if it sweet or not.
im not a 'cerewet' type about chosing food.

im sick 2day.i'm havin' a bad flu :(
im supposed to rest n sleep but mayb afted dis.^^
aghh.i cant stop sneezing...

i went to MPH.n i buy GALAXIE MAGAZINE.!!

for the 1st tyme ever in my lyfe.i want to buy epop magazine instead of galaxie,but i think i'll buy it by myself.since epop is CHINESE MAGAZINE.=p
my mum will asked me a thousand of question.! LOL

my dad told me dat at his workplace has a handphone and laptop offer.
pretty cheap bcos i also buy my phone last year from this offer too.
but this tyme there's no SAMSUNG phone. there's only NOKIA n SONY ERICSSON.n NO MOTOROLA.
he asked us who want to buy.i want!!! *greedy*
but my mum told me "akak,let abah change his 'old skol' phone,akak alredy bought a new phone last year" -ya,his phone is prety old- =p
my dad asked 4 my opinion what phone he need to buy.
he want a slide type,but i prefer him a flip type.( bcos i can switch phone wif him sometyme.=p i want to change my phone to flip 1 , 1 day.^^)
then i told him to buy this 1.

it's pretty cool.n the specification is quite good.
i hope he buy dis phone.=)
"ABAH,let's switch our phone sometimes" ^^ or,u can take mine,i take yours....~~~~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


im on hliday !!! yay!!!
too hepy but i want to hang out wif my fren.=(
but nobody want to go out wif me,i guess.=.='

gonna spend 2 weeks at home only.
even my mum asked me to alpha angle .but i refused!

i want to eat chicken chop so badly!
can someone treat me??? he3

dat's not goin' to happen ryte?? ha3.LOL

i want to edit my blogger BG,but something appeared n i donno hw 2 fix it.=(
so let it be as default = my BG.

2nyte going 2 watch ENCHANTED movie...!!!!!!!!
save my money to watch it at cinema.
thanks STAR MOVIE!!!

my 1st week of hliday alredy passed.
spend my tyme wif korean stuff,editing DBSK pics. ( the most) =p
n im so pissed off wif my adobe photoshop CD!!!! i can't DL it!!!
bcos of dat,i've to used 3 editing program!!! 1 from online editing program.

n the result is not so good as im using adobe photoshop.=(
here it is.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st timer.^^

almost to 12 am.
and im still awake....*tired eyes*
i've going through miss christina blog just nw.he3.
bcos of her.im going to start new blog. ( made an entry )
bcos by writing is the only way i can express everything.! ^^
hmm.today is so tiredla.=(
go n back frm college by bus as usual.
thanks GOD can easily get bus.
although need to stand up for about 1 hour.!
didn't have a chance to sit.
poor my feet.~~~ =(

and there's someone that made me feel annoyed.
but im kind of talam dua muke.

wahh.today im so happy.^^
although today is our last english class for this sem.
donno will meet miss christina n miss vicky again for the next sem.=(
we spend our class 2day by taking pics and do some revised.*a lil bit* he3.
wanna share some pics.


miss christina & me

center pic : miss christina n us.
right pic : miss vicky n us.

miss.'sejujurnya' u look cute..he3. in those pics.
me & hidayati a.k.a lulu thinks that u look chubby.he3.
don't mad ya miss.^^

went through SOOMPI as usual.
but there's NOTHING that i can do as usual.
hmm.HOTLINKING 1 micky pic.=)
as usual for my faveret collection in hp.! he3.

this is the pic.

credit to yoojeong @ soompi.com
tomoro NO acc class!!
but need to go early like usual.
there's some thing that i need to settle down.
sleepy alredy. *sigh*
blank mind same as CHOIKANG CHANGMIN.
i don't want to talking 'merepek' here in this sleepy cndition.
need to rest 4 mrning class tomoro.
hope tomoro will be more 'rajin'
to update blog.