Sunday, January 4, 2009


just dis week..i feel like want to write..anything..mayb bcos dis week i didnt get to write a lot! LOL
i decorate + write anything i want in my ' flower book aka iwanttowriteanythingiwantto'

i like to write storry...especially.=)
but im kind of need some INSPIrATiOn to write...
im still remember my BM teacher..cik the story dat i wrote for the trial SPM i guess.or mid term exam....
but in english..hard to write story..hu3
mayb bcos im not so good in english...:(:(:(:(

but i need to practice ryte???
actuly i hate writing essay...but wut can i is important in my life n for the sake of my studies..
i tried to read english novel...
tried to like reading english novell..
waaaaa...after 23-30 pages..i'll start getting lazy to finish up the story...hu3

always heard that...wut people said....qoute?? say??? n wut so ever...hu3
mayb i should tried dat...!!!
mayb not so perfect...but semi-perfect!! ha3...

i also want to success in my arabic language...
i learn arabic language since i was in standard 1...
until im in form 5..i took 'BAHASA ARAB KOMUNIKASI' paper for SPM.
alhamdulillah..i got a quite good result..
but..mayb it's not my 'rezeki'...i didnt get to further study in arabic language course..
mayb there's 'hikmah' behind all things happened...

mayb later..i want to cntinue learning arabic language...=)


to everyone...!! hope u guys will have a great n wonderful year dis year.^^
i bet everyone have many wishes n things dat u want
to achieve dis year ryte??
so do i...
so..people...let's MAKE our wishes

Friday, January 2, 2009

MC gathering!!!!

27 dec 2008.

ain,lulu n erna....^^

ktorg pg MC gath for the 1st tyme!!

event die wat kt tasik titwangsa...ktorg pusing almost 1 tasik nk pg kt tmpt gath! he3...good morning exercise...LOL

dis pic tyme we arrived thre.n tried to think wut we're going to used to clean dis place.since the boss forgot to bring the penyapu..

n then me,erna n lulu took 'pelepah pokok palma' n cleaned the place!!!

(dis r the makcik2 dat used 2 clean the place) LOL

walaupun 10++++ org je ttp best! GEMPAK!!!

ktorg maen game...dibi-dibi dip,game killer,police n doctor..(pheb unnie lead)..maen osom2...maen dak2 jer.hi3

n during 1 game.i think i've hurted my rival during dat game..

sory KIM.=(

pas2..makan tyme!! chicken rice n delicious cake!!

after lunch...we took some pics !!

here r the pics....

we took pics wif the poster dat we got...( goody bag + hamper )...n cannot leave the dolphin's trademark.since we here to celebrate his birthday.=p

we're having a great tyme dat day! he3.

i hope we can meet again malaysian cassies!! next tyme in other event.=)

n then we got home...n erna n lulu need to go home...erna went to her house at kajang meanwhile lulu went to her brother's home at klang...